We Help professionals break any habit or addiction without relapse in 12 weeks, with our exclusive 7- phase Transformation training protocols

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This is what you can expect, after 12 weeks on our program : 

  • ​Break any habit or addiction ​with the most efficient science backed protocols on habit breaking & addiction resolution
  • ​​Heal your brain chemistry & rewire from the effects of long term substance/ behavior use
  • ​​​Eliminate all cravings for good by rebalancing your dopamine & other neurotransmitter levels
  • ​Learn how to never relapse again and maintain sobriety (from any habit) with a comprehensive systems based training philosophy
  • ​​Implement High value lifestyle changes like exercise, nutrition, high functioning routines, cognition & frontal cortex training (to enhance willpower), meditation, breath-work, fix sleep cycles, fix inflammation, reduce cortisol & stress plus others 
  • ​​Rewire your old addiction pathways & create a new version of yourself
  • ​Remove trickle down effects of low dopamine & eliminate all anxiety, low motivation, lethargy, procrastination & low confidence. 
  • ​​Replace your old, limiting, thinking models with new ones that give you a fierce mindset to conquer life
  • ​​Improve all your relationships by working on the one thing you can control - yourself.
  • ​​Give you more energy than you've ever had before with the new lifestyle that you lead
  • ​​Help you boost productivity at work or business by teaching you how to focus for hours at a time with our workflow to enter flow states
  • ​​And so much more..

Why are we taking on all the risk with a full refund guarantee?

Look at some of our client results from just this year and it will all make sense 👇

Quit smoking, binge eating

Lost 25 lbs, training kickboxing, lifting weights & eating right.

On his way to getting shredded.

Porn, social media doom scrolling, unable to focus, procrastination

Was unable to focus on a major comic book writing contract that would take his career to the next level due to his habits and dopamine imbalance.

Beat all of them.

  • ​Released edition 1 of his comic, signed contracts for edition 2 & 3
  • ​Building a publication company with his friend
  • No porn or doom scroll twitter for hours.
  • Able to focus 4+ hours at a time

Read his experience on the program here

Total transformation.

Quit weed, anxiety medication and internet pornography

No longer smokes weed or uses pills to escape reality & cope with distress.

Beat his porn habit.

Working on learning and creating content in Japanese.

Like he said, significant change and he’s only halfway through the program..

Beat a video game and social media addiction & chronic procrastination.

From procrastinating for hours each day to building a business, training Muay Thai, lifting weights & eating clean.

No more fried dopamine receptors.

Has more drive and energy than ever.

Beat a porn habit that was holding him back for 21 years.

Zero relapse in over 6 months (at time of writing this) since he started the program.

More energy than ever before, motivation, focus through the roof.

No more shyness/ anxiety, only proper self confidence.

Beat porn & social media addictions.

Living a well balanced life with ZERO procrastination more discipline & purpose.

Works out everyday, healthier, confident & NO anxiety now!

Beat a 13 year chronic marijuana, tobacco & alcohol addiction

Smoking weed, cigarettes & drinking MULTIPLE TIMES a day for 13 years to completely clean of cannabis, Tobacco and alcohol.

Fitness and health taking center stage. Lost over 15 pounds. Better relationship with family.

Hitting record breaking months in his business.

Our program literally changes lives.

“Your course is excellent”

“I feel magnetic”

Beat a powerful adderall addiction combined with porn & anxiety

Had been taking adderall for years before the program - ZERO clean days before working with us.

Working together we put together a custom plan for him to follow & implementation in steps.

His prescription renewal date has passed long back, and he has no need for adderall , porn or cravings to take any.

Clean living .

Complete transformation with brain chemistry healing and dopamine rebalance. 

Food tastes better, sex feels better, body composition changing, dopamine levels reaching homeostasis.

Never relapsed since starting, eating healthy, exercising regularly”

“Changing my life for the better”.

More focus after dopamine reset, mentally tougher, beat anxiety.

Found direction & purpose.

Set goals, both career and personal and managed to grow exponentially.

Brain fog no more.

Successfully beat random bouts of anxiety & chronic procrastination he's been struggling with for 10+ years

He signed up to work with us a 7 weeks ago.

Once we started fixing his lifestyle, habits and dopamine baseline, 

Zero anxiety & has perfect productive days with Zero procrastination

RJ Joined our program a few months ago with a very ADVANCED porn addiction

Multiple relapses every day to extreme fetishes that severely impacted his life

Did a full 180

Beat his addiction and did a complete lifestyle overhaul with new habits, goals & mission.  

The accountability from the program helped him find momentum.

He now has beat all his addictions, has 100% more clarity and discipline after dopamine baseline reset 

Our program has given him a sense of brotherhood & purpose

Broke all his sexual compulsive behavior, joined the military and on track to get a PhD.

Confidence through the roof.

Living life in accordance with his values and principles.

Beat porn and sugar addictions.

100% more focus & drive.

Lifestyle overhaul with fitness, nutrition & better habits.

Beat his addiction to porn.

Better lifestyle and fitness habits, fully committed to his goals and purpose.

Transformed from regular guy into extremely confident and assertive high achiever.

Was struggling to focus at work, to beat his porn habit, sexual fantasizing, sugar cravings & junk food addiction

Constant relapse to cravings everyday

Once we designed & implemented a system sequence, he is free from all relapses.

Productivity boost, longer focused work sessions. 

Being able to fully be present at work.

Beat a 10+ year marijuana & porn addiction

When he started he was struggling to focus.

Addiction to weed and porn holding him back.

On a different path now, pursuing his ambition, started a new business that's taken off.

Habits don't hold him back anymore.

Truly remarkable what he's accomplished.

Beat a porn addiction.

5 months, no relapse.

More confidence, no anxiety, better focus

Lifts, trains Muay Thai, eats right, good relationship, starting a business

Complete transformation

12 weeks personal coaching program to hit restart and build the lifestyle YOU want

Elite training protocols designed to help you conquer life using cutting edge neuroscience, behavioral psychology, recovery training & our personal experience coaching 100’s like you

ZERO risk, backed by our exceptional client results & unique full refund guarantee

  • Say goodbye to relapse by learning how to beat your addictions with the most efficient systemic & scientific approach to addiction resolution
  • No more procrastination, anxiety, low motivation and drive. Fix your dopamine reward centers and heal your energy reserves
  • Rebuild your life with more structure & discipline & embrace balance
  • Stop hitting reset over and over again like walking into a revolving door. Heal your brain chemistry & eliminate the root cause for cravings once and for all
  • Progressively add and accumulate good habits that align your lifestyle with your vision
  • Set goals as your mission statement and get 1 on 1 mentorship & accountability to conquer every single goal
  • Transform your life with our systems designed from evidence based, real world principles proven to work.

Exclusive Science & Systems based training philosophy and personalized 1 on 1 coaching perfected over 945+ days and 200+ successful clients. 

Your 7 phase journey on the Phalanx coaching program :

Exclusive guided coaching path plus access to weekly implementation & problem solving calls and daily accountability check in & discussion sessions

PHASE 1 - Onboarding

  • Program on-boarding
  • ​Access to course lessons, worksheets, habit trackers, assignments & personal dashboard
  • ​Setting up long and short term goals
  • ​Creating weekly milestones & touch-points
  • ​ Understanding your roles and responsibilities

PHASE 2 - Mindset

  • Man in the mirror writing assignment
  • ​Perceived value Accountability exercise
  • ​4 core mindset shifts for transformation
  • ​The Agōgē Transformation method

PHASE 3 - Addiction fundamentals

  • ​HPCA spectrum - Do I have a bad habit or an addiction?
  • ​Why does your brain make you relapse?
  • ​Number 1 cause for cravings - brain chemistry
  • ​Relapse inducing memories and how to fight them
  • ​What you need to improve willpower & resist cravings
  • ​Your unconscious voice exercise
  • ​Thought distortions exercise
  • ​Homeostasis and recovery

PHASE 4 - Abstinence with systems

  • ​Why abstinence?
  • ​6 types of relapse triggers & trigger identification exercise
  • ​Dopamine load assessment
  • ​Awareness training & application with exercise
  • Learning 15 IA systems to fight relapse
  • ​How to use systems and creating a custom systems routine

PHASE 5 - Lifestyle re-design

  • Design lifestyle changes & implementation
  • ​Create, implement & track workout routine
  • ​Meditation & mindfulness
  • ​Reduce cortisol and CRF to fight stress induced relapse
  • ​Serotonin boosting to maintain mood and mental health
  • ​Diet changes to reduce gut inflammation, improve Gut - brain connection and speed up recovery
  • ​Frontal cortex training
  • ​Finding spirituality and purpose
  • ​Starting redirection hobbies to build new neural pathways
  • ​Fixing testosterone
  • ​Hormesis healing with cold / hot exposure techniques
  • ​Sunlight exposure
  • ​Blue light restrictions and fixing sleep cycles
  • ​Supplementation to better optimize brain chemistry where necessary

PHASE 6 - Implementation, repetition & problem solving

  • Implement everything into your life
  • ​Problem solve and fix roadblocks
  • ​Repetition till it becomes second nature
  • ​Fixing trickle down effects like focus, procrastination, motivation, anxiety, confidence and other related issues

PHASE 7 - Identity separation and winding down

  • ​Create a new identity that is separate from your old self before the program
  • ​New values, belief system, perspectives, thinking models
  • ​Total new operating system for life
  • ​Use concepts like the Hero's journey IKIGAI and gamification to do this
  • ​Learn how to be hyper vigilant to eliminate ALL future relapses after graduating from program

Eliminate trial and error, skip relapsing over and over, forget frustrations from past failures and fast track your transformation to guaranteed success.

We only accept 3 clients a month. Apply to the program below.

Please Don’t apply if : 

- You’re not willing to invest time and resources into your self development

- You’re not ready to commit & put in the work required to ensure success

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